"Promoting the Science of Sterilisation"

gke GmbH Germany

Specialises in sterilisation design, validation & monitoring. gke GmbH develops, designs and validates new sterilisation processes and offers biological and chemical indicators and indicator systems for sterilisation monitoring. The distribution is handled globally by experienced distributors in industry and healthcare in more than 60 countries.

gke GmbH has research laboratories and publishes scientific research, done in test sterilisers for dry heat, steam, formadehyde and EtO sterilisation processes. Several publications are available on our website. Research results are shared with European and International Standard Organisations where gke GmbH participates in working groups for biological and chemical indicators, steriliser and validation standards.

gke buildingWe offer the following scientific seminars

  • Biological kill kinetics
  • Basic technology of steam/formaldehyde/ethylene oxide sterilisation
  • Validation of washing, disinfection and sterilisation processes
  • Monitoring and documentation of sterilisation processes
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