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1st Generation Helix-PCD

1st Generation Helix-PCD

New Generation Compact Helix-PCD
Bowie Dick Simulation Test
New Generation Compact Helix-PCD

Bowie Dick Simulation Test

The gke Bowie Dick Test (PCD) simulates the "original porous pack" as designed by Bowie, Dick, Thompson and Kelsey in 1963.

But the gke device takes the test protocol one step further and that is to challenge the sterilisers performance for air removal and steam penetration inside hollow and complex instruments.

The Bowie Dick Test in accordance with the "original 7kg pack" tests air removal and steam penetration of the chamber and the load for porous items. Research has shown the porous Bowie Dick Test is not a good representative for hollow instruments and therefore should no longer be considered the worst case test load.

In addition the gke device is also able to detect air on non-condensable gases which if present, can and will affect steam quality.

You cannot compare the gke Bowie Dick Simulation Test with the US/AAMI Cotton Package or similar BDS tests of 3.2 - 3.4kg tested according to ISO 11140-5 because of the different cycle profiles - Download our PDF on different cycles

The Bowie Dick Air Removal Test conducted in the morning does not guarantee efficient or effective sterilisation cycles during the day. Inert gases in the steam may negatively influence the sterilisation process during the day. Therefore monitoring each batch/load with the gke Batch Monitoring System is recommended - see more information on this Process Challenge Device on our Batch Monitoring System page.

Features of the gke Bowie Dick Simulation Test (PCD)
  • The test conforms to EN 285, ISO 11140-4 (7kg test linen bundle) as described by Bowie and Dick in the 1963 edition of the Lancet and is tested according to EN 867-4.
  • The device is validated by an independent testing authority.
  • The device consists of external durable plastic casing with a stainless steel coil inside.
  • The device can be used for an unlimited number of cycles.
Using the Bowie Dick Device
  • A chemical indicator is placed inside the capsule and the device is placed in the steriliser above the drain.
  • If there is any air in the steriliser, corresponding amounts will remain in the tubing of the test device.
  • Steam pressure will push the remaining air back into the test device and give a negative reading on completion of the cycle as the air will prevent steam penetration.
  • If parts of the chemical indicator remain yellow/brown the steam penetration is not complete and the cycle has failed. link to pass/fail on left)
  • Often non condensable gases in steam transfer large amounts of air and/pr CO2 into the chamber and the load.
Download our PDF on Manufacturers Directions for Use