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class 6 indicator.


Indicators for pack monitoring are used in steam sterilisation process to monitor the successful sterilisation inside the pack.

Class 6 indicators should only be used if solid and porous goods are being sterilised because they only provide sterility information on top of the surface of an instrument at the point where they are located. To monitor hollow MIS instruments a Process Challenge Device should be used with a Class 2 indicator system.

Performance Characteristics

gke Class 6 Indicators fulfil the requirements of a Class 6 indicator according to EN-ISO 11140-1 and monitor all critical parameters (steam and temperature over time).

The indicator only changes colour to black if an adequate temperature-time window has been achieved and steam is present.

Advantages of the gke Class 6 Indicators
  • Easy to use
  • Monitors all critical parameters in a steam sterilisation process (temperature, steam & time)
  • Self-adhesive and can be easily adhered to the count sheet placed inside a pack for proof of the process
  • Laminated surface to prevent bleeding and transfer of chemical substances onto instruments
  • Easy interpretation of colour change from red to black
  • Colour reference is printed on each label therefore no separate colour reference chart is necessary
  • Complex but cost effective indicator
  • Simple and environmentally friendly disposal