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For 30 years, neodisher® has been setting the standard with new developments in instrument reprocessing. The neodisher® concept guarantees first class cleaning results whilst ensuring the life expectancy of your quality equipment. Using our specialist knowledge we can solve your difficult problems in hygiene-sensitive areas such as surgical instrument reprocessing in the medical field.

Automated Cleaning

Mediclean Forte

neodisher® Mediclean Forte

Alkaline universal cleaner, liquid Contains caustic potash (KOH) and surfactants.

Very gentle action, suitable for general use. Residues of dried-on and denatured blood are reliably removed. Prevents re-deposition of protein residues.
neodisher Medizym

neodisher® Medizym

For pH-neutral application.

Almost all materials are resistant to cleaning solutions of Medizym.
neodisher LM2

neodisher® LM2

Mildly alkaline cleaner, liquid.

For the cleaning of surgical instruments in ultrasonic and plunge baths. Low foam.
neodisher FA

neodisher® FA

"Classic" alkaline cleaner, liquid.

Very good action and very gentle on material.
neodisher FLA

neodisher® FLA

Alkaline Cleaner, liquid Free of surfactants and active chlorine.

Removes organic residues, especially suitable for cleaning animal cages for mice or rats, cages made from polysulfone, polycarbonate, polyetherimide or stainless steel.
neodisher Alka-300

neodisher® Alka 300

Alkaline cleaner. liquid.

Perfect cleaning action with oxidative power to decompose stubborn organic residues.
neodisher MA

neodisher® MA

Alkaline cleaner in powder form.

Contains no oxidising additives. Very good cleaning action and very gentle on material.
Rinse Aid
neodisher Mediklar

neodisher® Mediklar

Final rinse aid, liquid.

For rapid, streak-free drying after the automated cleaning and disinfection of surgical instruments incl. ophthalmic instruments, anaesthetic utensils, containers and implants. Significantly reduces drying time.
Neutralising Agents
neodisher N

neodisher® N

Acid neutralising agent.

For neutralising alkali residues carried over and for the removal of lime and other acid-soluble residues. Based on phosphoric acid.
neodisher Z

neodisher® Z

Acid neutralising agent.

For neutralising alkali residues in automated reprocessing. Based on organic acids.
Manual/Automated Endoscope Reprocessing Cleaning:- Mediclean forte Disinfection:- Septo PAC Click here for more information
Instrutment Care / Disinfectant of Surfaces
neodisher IP Spray

neodisher® IP Spray

Instrument lubricant, in spray form Contains no CFCs.

Based on medical white spirit. For the specific lubrication of hinged instruments after reprocessing. Causes no incrustation. Non-toxic.
neoform MED Spray

neoform MED Spray

Rapid disinfectant for surfacesof medical devices - Ready-for-use solution - Bactericidal, fungicidal, mykobakterizid, active against enveloped viruses

Alkoholic spray for disinfecting medical devices. VAH (formerly DGHM) listed.
neodisher IR

neodisher® IR

Acid cleaning agent for basic cleaning, liquid.

For the basic cleaning of stainless steel surgical instruments in a plunge or ultrasonic bath. It removes discolouration as well as film rust and extraneous corrosion. Please, read the Product Data Sheet before use.
Steel Care

neoblank. Click here for more information