"Promoting the Science of Sterilisation"


gke GmbH Germany

Specialises in sterilisation design, validation & monitoring. gke GmbH develops, designs and validates new sterilisation processes and offers biological and chemical indicators and indicator systems for sterilisation monitoring. The distribution is handled globally by experienced distributors in industry and healthcare in more than 60 countries.

Dr Weigert (neodisher®)

The neodisher® product range for the supply of
1. Cleaning and Disinfection of Medical Devices
2. Cleaning and Disinfection of Laboratory Glassware

No field of work is as sensitive in matters of hygiene as the medical field. And in no other field has Dr. Weigert taken more pains to set world-wide yardsticks for top hygiene.

Together with partners from the industry, machine-reprocessing methods for medical instruments and equipment have been developed and constantly improved.

It is not in vain that Dr. Weigert has been market leader for decades in the area of innovative reprocessing and operating techniques which are not only simple, safe and economical, but also gentle on materials, thus preserving their value.