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The self-adhesive indicators are printed on temperature stable plastic carriers. The indicator chemistry is non-toxic and is dissolved and dispersed with most cleaning agents and flushed away after the process.

The gke CPI’s developed for washer disinfectors ( yellow, green, blue, purple or red) may be used if deemed suitable for the process, or alternatively gke have developed an additional two CPI colour specifically for commercial laundries – pink and grey.


The gke Cleaning Process Indictors (CPI’s) can also be used to monitor processes in commercial washing machines. The indicators are placed inside a specially designed Laundry-Check® Ball and the ball is placed inside the washing drum with the load.

Product Benefits

  • Use of synthetic test soil on plastic carrier instead of natural test soil comprising blood prevent the transfer of possible pathogens, as well as offering long-term stability, reproducibility of results, long expiry dates, and product stability during storage
  • Cost effective due to synthetically printed test soil and plastic carrier
  • Allows for economical batch monitoring due to cost effective indicators
  • Ease of documentation due to self-adhesive backing
  • Indicators are validated against test soils according to ISO/TS 15883-5 with the gke designed and developed spray test rig

Order Details

Product Code Product Description Quantity
C800-130 Laundry-Check® Ball 320
C810-101 Cleaning Process Indicator – WD (Yellow) 320
C810-201 Cleaning Process Indicator – WD (Green) 320
C810-301 Cleaning Process Indicator – WD (Blue) 320
C810-351 Cleaning Process Indicator – WD (Purple) 320
C810-401 Cleaning Process Indicator – WD (Red) 320
C810-501 Cleaning Process Indicator – Laundry (Pink) 320
C810-601 Cleaning Process Indicator – Laundry (Grey) 320

Product Matrix - Detergents

Note: Please check Product Data Sheet and always check item compatibility before product use.

neodisher® MediClean forte
neodisher® MediKlar
neodisher® MediZym
neodisher® MultiZym
neodisher® FA
neodisher® MA
neodisher® N
neodisher® Z
neodisher® IR
neodisher® IP Spray
neodisher® PreStop
neodisher® LaboClean A8
neodisher® LaboClean FLA
neodisher® LaboClean FT
neodisher® LaboClean GK
neodisher® 30
neodisher® Alka 220
Type of Process
Machine Type
Immersion Bath
Ultrasonic Bath
Washer Disinfector
Mildly Alkaline
Hazard Rating
Type of Product
Liquid Detergent
Powder Detergent
Rinse aid
Instrument Pre-Treatment
Instrument Lubricant
Stainless steel care
Tarnish and Stain Remover
Surgical Instruments
Anaesthetic Equipment
Theatre Shoes
Flexible Endoscopes
Laboratory Glassware
Other Laboratory Utensils
Animal cages
Stainless steel surfaces