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Ultrasonic Baths


The self-adhesive indicators are printed on temperature stable plastic carriers. Different coloured indicators have varying wash-off characteristics. The indicator chemistry is non-toxic and is dissolved and dispersed with most cleaning agents and flushed away after the process.

Which coloured indicator is right for me?

A gke Australia Territory Manager will conduct a trial for you to determine the colour most suitable for your process.


The gke Cleaning Process Indicators are used for routine monitoring of cleaning processes in ultrasonic baths. Indicators can be held in place with a stainless steel stand.

It is recommended to use the indicators at least once a day in each type of process used in a facility to ensure there have been no changes to process parameters. Monitoring of every batch, particularly where items are difficult to clean is best practice.

Product Benefits

  • Use of synthetic test soil on plastic carrier instead of natural test soil comprising blood prevent the transfer of possible pathogens, as well as offering long-term stability, reproducibility of results, long expiry dates, and product stability during storage
  • Cost effective due to synthetically printed test soil and plastic carrier
  • Allows for economical batch monitoring due to cost effective indicators
  • Different colours available mean a tailored approach to each facility
  • Ease of documentation due to self-adhesive backing
  • Indicators are validated against test soils according to ISO/TS 15883-5 with the gke designed and developed spray test rig

Order Details

Product Code Product Description Quantity
C810-111 Cleaning Process Indicator – Ultrasonic (Yellow) 40
C810-211 Cleaning Process Indicator – Ultrasonic (Green) 40
C810-311 Cleaning Process Indicator – Ultrasonic (Blue) 40
C810-411 Cleaning Process Indicator – Ultrasonic (Red) 40
C800-115 Stainless Steel Stand for Ultrasonic Indicator – 7 cm 1
C800-116 Stainless Steel Stand for Ultrasonic Indicator – 20 cm 1
C800-117 Stainless Steel Stand for Ultrasonic Indicator – 40 cm 1


Product Matrix - Detergents

Note: Please check Product Data Sheet and always check item compatibility before product use.

neodisher® MediClean forte
neodisher® MediKlar
neodisher® MediZym
neodisher® MultiZym
neodisher® FA
neodisher® MA
neodisher® N
neodisher® Z
neodisher® IR
neodisher® IP Spray
neodisher® PreStop
neodisher® LaboClean A8
neodisher® LaboClean FLA
neodisher® LaboClean FT
neodisher® LaboClean GK
neodisher® 30
neodisher® Alka 220
Type of Process
Machine Type
Immersion Bath
Ultrasonic Bath
Washer Disinfector
Mildly Alkaline
Hazard Rating
Type of Product
Liquid Detergent
Powder Detergent
Rinse aid
Instrument Pre-Treatment
Instrument Lubricant
Stainless steel care
Tarnish and Stain Remover
Surgical Instruments
Anaesthetic Equipment
Theatre Shoes
Flexible Endoscopes
Laboratory Glassware
Other Laboratory Utensils
Animal cages
Stainless steel surfaces