Our Company

gke Australia is a proudly Australian and family owned business "Promoting the Science of Sterilisation."

gke Australia’s head office is based in the Norwest Business Park in Bella Vista, NSW and we have a team of dedicated Territory Managers for each state across Australia. Established in 1999, gke Australia are the exclusive Australian distributors for the market-leading gke range of products for monitoring cleaning and sterilisation processes, as well as the renowned Dr Weigert neodisher brand of detergents. Both of our manufacturers are based in Germany, and as such both offer high levels of quality in the design, innovation and production of their products.

With our greatest presence in the healthcare industry, we are passionate about what we do and the products we sell. We take pride in educating and empowering staff in sterilising departments and smaller facilities and clinics across Australia, to feel supported and recognised in the key role they play with respect to the reprocessing of reusable medical devices and surgical instruments. 

Offering over 20 years’ experience in the healthcare industry, we are proud to say we were one of the first companies to introduce Bowie Dick tests and Process Challenge Devices to the Australian market.

Our customers and their satisfaction are our priority and we can guarantee a personalised service, whether it be face-to-face engagement with our Territory Managers or through our Office-based customer service team.

We are an environmentally and ethically conscious company and we are conscious of the part we play in support of a sustainable global future. One key tenet of our business model is to promote best practice in cleaning and sterilising processes in healthcare facilities across Australia, with the key reason for this being to ensure the best and safest outcomes for the patient. We want to ensure our business activities ultimately benefit people and have a positive influence on the healthcare industry. Both of the gke and Dr Weigert range of products we sell are inherently designed to minimise consumption and waste in sterilising departments, with minimal environmental impact over the whole-of-life of the goods while ensuring continued value for money for our customers. We have also adopted a number of internal initiatives to reduce our overall carbon footprint and to reduce environmental impacts associated with our supply chain.

If you are an existing customer of ours visiting our website we thank you for your on-going loyalty to our brands, and if you are a new, potential customer we welcome you to our website and look forward to the possibility of working with you.


Product Matrix - Detergents

Note: Please check Product Data Sheet and always check item compatibility before product use.

neodisher® MediClean forte
neodisher® MediKlar
neodisher® MediZym
neodisher® MultiZym
neodisher® FA
neodisher® MA
neodisher® N
neodisher® Z
neodisher® IR
neodisher® IP Spray
neodisher® PreStop
neodisher® LaboClean A8
neodisher® LaboClean FLA
neodisher® LaboClean FT
neodisher® LaboClean GK
neodisher® 30
neodisher® Alka 220
Type of Process
Machine Type
Immersion Bath
Ultrasonic Bath
Washer Disinfector
Mildly Alkaline
Hazard Rating
Type of Product
Liquid Detergent
Powder Detergent
Rinse aid
Instrument Pre-Treatment
Instrument Lubricant
Stainless steel care
Tarnish and Stain Remover
Surgical Instruments
Anaesthetic Equipment
Theatre Shoes
Flexible Endoscopes
Laboratory Glassware
Other Laboratory Utensils
Animal cages
Stainless steel surfaces