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Bowie Dick Simulation Test – Large Steam Sterilisers

A daily functionality check of the steam steriliser after start-up.


The chemical indicators and device together form a Type 2 indicator system according to EN ISO 11140-1.

The patented devices consist of an external highly durable case containing an internal stainless-steel tube/helix connected to a capsule that holds the indicator. Due to the high durability of the materials the devices can be used for several thousand applications saving you money and limiting environmental waste.

Which device is right for me?

When sterilising complex hollow instruments, the dark blue Bowie Dick Simulation Test Device should be used as this device simulates both a 7kg cotton pack from the EN ISO 11140-4 Standard as well as the hollow load test according to EN 867-5.

When sterilizing porous goods only the purple Bowie Dick Simulation Test Device should be used as this device simulates a 7kg cotton pack from the EN ISO 11140-4 Standard.


The gke Bowie Dick Simulation Test Devices serve as a daily functionality check of the steam steriliser after start-up. The test is carried out in an empty chamber and cannot be a substitute for routine monitoring. For routine monitoring a Process Challenge Device as well as chemical indicators for packs (eg. Type 5 and 6) are recommended.

Benchtop Sterilisers do not require a Bowie Dick Test, but a hollow load type test according to EN 867-5 – see Orange Oval Process Challenge Devices.

Product Benefits

  • Easy interpretation of the results due to a precise colour change
  • The graduated colour change of the indicator provides information about the magnitude of air removal and steam penetration inside the sterilizer and non-condensable gases in the steam
  • Cost effective due to high durability of device, no need to replace the device after a limited number of cycles
  • Less storage space required for the products in the CSSD
  • Adhesive backing for ease of documentation of results
  • Limited environmental waste due to the durability of the device and size of the indicator

Order Details

Product Code Description Quantity
F211-151 Bowie Dick PCD (Porous and Hollow) – Blue, Round 1
F211-121 Bowie Dick PCD (Porous) – Purple, Round 1
F211-111 Bowie Dick Indicator Strips 100
F211-112 Bowie Dick Indicator Strips 250

Declarations of Conformity and Product Directions for Use can be supplied upon request.


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