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Chemical Indicators - Hydrogen Peroxide


The indicators are available on card with 16 self-adhesive indicators with different specifications for Stated Value (SV). There are SV = 2, 4 or 6 minutes at 50°C, 2.3 mg/l H2O2 available. The stated value is the value of a critical process variable at which the indicator is designed to reach its endpoint. The indicator can be used for longer sterilisation times, higher temperatures and concentrations.

A gke Australia Territory Manager can assist with the selection of the correct indicator for your process


The chemical indicators according to EN ISO 11140-1 Type 4 are placed into packages or containers to monitor the relevant variables of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) sterilisation processes. Type 4 package monitoring indicators provide sterility information at the point of placement inside the chamber. Therefore, when sterilising hollow instruments, use of a Process Challenge Device is also recommended to provide information about the sterilant penetration into hollow devices.

The indicators can also be used for the monitoring of room sterilisation processes.

Product Benefits

  • Indicators monitor all critical parameters of the H2O2 process
  • Adhesive backing for ease of documentation of results.
  • Indicators have been optimised for H2O2 processes as they have a plastic foil carrier instead of paper – paper should not be used in H2O2 processes as cellulose fibres react with the H2O2.
  • Ease of interpretation of results

Order Details

Product CodeDescriptionQuantity
F214-221Type 4 Package Indicator – hydrogen peroxide, SV = 6 min (400 pack)400
F214-223Type 4 Package Indicator – hydrogen peroxide, SV = 6 min (3200 pack)3200
F214-231Type 4 Package Indicator – hydrogen peroxide, SV = 4 min (400 pack)400
F214-233Type 4 Package Indicator – hydrogen peroxide, SV = 4 min (3200 pack)3200
F214-241Type 4 Package Indicator – hydrogen peroxide, SV = 2 min (400 pack)400
F214-243Type 4 Package Indicator – hydrogen peroxide, SV = 2 min (3200 pack)3200


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