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Manual Documentation System


The documentation system consists of a 3-line alpha-numeric hand labelling gun, documentation label rolls and documentation sheet available in a log book.

According to EN ISO 11140-1, it is required that all sterile packs must be labelled with a Type 1 process indicator – to clearly differentiate sterile and non-sterile packs.

The Type 1 chemical indicators will exhibit a colour change when exposed to the sterilant. Colour changes are as indicated in the images on this page.

Use of a the gke Type 1 documentation labels negates the need for autoclave tape with indicator.


The gke Steri-Record® documentation system is used for patient related traceability of all medical sterilisation processes. The documentation sheets contain all necessary fields to release a sterilisation batch. Information can be recorded included production and expiry date, responsible person, content of the pack, steriliser and batch number. All packs in the batch and the documentation sheets have the same label content and batch number.

After opening a sterile pack in the operating theatre, the label may be peeled off and adhered to patient or operation documentation. The information on the label allows patient related tracing back to the batch-related documentation in the sterilizing department. In the case of a nosocomial infection the sterilisation information is available to exclude that the infection was caused by non-sterile instruments.

Product Benefits

  • Self-adhesive label offers patient related documentation without additional paperwork
  • No need for use of additional process indicator
  • Different colours available
  • The indicator colour chemistry is a non-reversible chemical reaction. The indicator strip can be documented proof for several years without changing back.

Order Details

Sterilisation Process Product Code Description Quantity
All Processes LG001 Alpha Numeric Labelling Gun 1
All Processes LOG1 Log book for gke Documentation System 1
Steam L240-571 Type 1 Documentation Label – Green 12 pack of rolls, 750 labels per roll
Steam L240-572 Type 1 Documentation Label – Blue 12 pack of rolls, 750 labels per roll
Steam L240-573 Type 1 Documentation Label – Red 12 pack of rolls, 750 labels per roll
Steam L240-574 Type 1 Documentation Label – Yellow 12 pack of rolls, 750 labels per roll
All processes L240-861 Documentation Label (no indicator) – Green 12 pack of rolls, 750 labels per roll
All processes L240-862 Documentation Label (no indicator) – Blue 12 pack of rolls, 750 labels per roll
All processes L240-863 Documentation Label (no indicator) – Red 12 pack of rolls, 750 labels per roll
Ethylene Oxide L242-875 Type 1 Documentation Label – ETO, purple 12 pack of rolls, 750 labels per roll
Formaldehyde L243-874 Type 1 Documentation Label – Formaldehyde, yellow 12 pack of rolls, 750 labels per roll
Hydrogen Peroxide L244-873 Type 1 Documentation Label – hydrogen peroxide, red 12 pack of rolls, 750 labels per roll


Product Matrix - Detergents

Note: Please check Product Data Sheet and always check item compatibility before product use.

neodisher® MediClean forte
neodisher® MediKlar
neodisher® MediZym
neodisher® MultiZym
neodisher® FA
neodisher® MA
neodisher® N
neodisher® Z
neodisher® IR
neodisher® IP Spray
neodisher® PreStop
neodisher® LaboClean A8
neodisher® LaboClean FLA
neodisher® LaboClean FT
neodisher® LaboClean GK
neodisher® 30
neodisher® Alka 220
Type of Process
Machine Type
Immersion Bath
Ultrasonic Bath
Washer Disinfector
Mildly Alkaline
Hazard Rating
Type of Product
Liquid Detergent
Powder Detergent
Rinse aid
Instrument Pre-Treatment
Instrument Lubricant
Stainless steel care
Tarnish and Stain Remover
Surgical Instruments
Anaesthetic Equipment
Theatre Shoes
Flexible Endoscopes
Laboratory Glassware
Other Laboratory Utensils
Animal cages
Stainless steel surfaces