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Process Challenge Devices – Hydrogen Peroxide


The chemical indicator strip contains four indicator bars and is placed inside the selected gke PCD, and then placed inside the steriliser chamber together with the load to be sterilised.

Together the PCD and chemical indicators form a Type 2 Indicator System in accordance with EN ISO 11140-1.


The hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) Process Challenge Devices / Process Monitoring System ensures that the hydrogen peroxide gas penetrates the most difficult areas inside the load to be sterilised.

Compared with steam sterilisation, (H2O2) sterilisation has very low sterilant penetration characteristics when considering the sterilisation of hollow instruments. Furthermore, the air removal and penetration characteristics of H2O2 vary between steriliser models and programs. Additionally, the material to be sterilised and size of a load can also influence sterilant penetration. For these reasons, gke do not offer a fixed combination of indicator and PCD for the monitoring of H2O2 processes.

gke have developed 10 PCD’s with varying lengths and diameters. A gke Australia representative will be able to assist in the selection of the correct PCD for each individual customer’s process. The PCD will be chosen that represents the most difficult penetration characteristics of the load.

Product Benefits

  • Use of the PCD together with the H2O2 chemical indicator allows instant evaluation of the process without having to open the packs to view an internal package indicator.
  • Assuming the chosen PCD represents a load to be sterilised, biological and chemical indicators are not necessary in every pack.
  • Where a package/chemical indicator can only provide information on the process at the point of placement, use of the PCD provides information about the whole process.
  • Adhesive backing for ease of documentation of results.
  • Indicators have been optimised for H2O2 processes as they have a plastic foil carrier instead of paper – paper should not be used in H2O2 processes as cellulose fibres react with the H2O2.

Order Details

Product Code Description Quantity
F214-201 Batch Monitoring System Indicator Strips (H2O2) 250
F200-025 PTFE Helix PCD, 2mm x 25mm (H2O2) 1
F200-325 PTFE Helix PCD, 3mm x 25mm (H2O2) 1
F200-350 PTFE Helix PCD, 3mm x 50mm (H2O2) 1
F200-425 PTFE Helix PCD, 4mm x 25mm (H2O2) 1
F200-450 PTFE Helix PCD, 4mm x 50mm (H2O2) 1
F200-475 PTFE Helix PCD, 4mm x 75mm (H2O2) 1
F200-525 PTFE Helix PCD, 5mm x 25mm (H2O2) 1
F200-550 PTFE Helix PCD, 5mm x 50mm (H2O2) 1
F200-575 PTFE Helix PCD, 5mm x 75mm (H2O2) 1
F200-510 PTFE Helix PCD, 5mm x 100mm (H2O2) 1


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